Body hair has become even less popular than it was in the past. Because of this trend more women have been searching for the best way to remove all the hair on their bodies, even in some particularly sensitive locations. This type of hair removal is not for everyone, but for those that are ready, they need make certain they are choosing the safest most comfortable method.

Shaving is the most common manner in which hair is removed in the bikini area. It is fast, cheap and can be done alone at home. The problem is that it is difficult to fully shave this area alone because much of it is out of eyesight and involves positions even yoga masters find uncomfortable. Emergency rooms have been experiencing a large rise in shaving accidents involving cuts to the genital area. If you think having hair “down there” is embarrassing, imagine needing stitches.

Depilatory creams are never advised when it comes to this part of the body. They can lead to reactions, burns and infections. If you are only looking to even up the hairline to keep it from being visible while in a swimsuit it may be acceptable (with caution), but even that is a questionable move.

Waxing is often considered with a little fear. It can be an alarming process for anyone who has not had it performed before. However, after a few waxing session the hair becomes thinner and finer and the skin more accustomed to the procedure, but remember that it will never be pain free. You may not be ready for a full brazilian wax on your first appointment, so consider working up to it over time.

A Brazilian wax makes it possible to stop worrying about stray hairs showing and eliminates the need to shave for a very long time. Always trim hair prior to a waxing session and consider taking an over-the-counter pain reliever about a half hour before your appointment just to lessen the sting a little. Talk openly with the person performing the waxing service prior to having it done so you can be certain of getting the exact amount of hair removal you are looking for.

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