Guidelines For Recycling In Denver CO

by | Jun 13, 2013 | Business

By recycling your plastics, paper, glass and cans you can help to save valuable landfill space, natural resources and the environment. While it has normally been the practice to separate recyclables, many Recycling Denver CO cities are now offering programs that allow all recyclables to be placed together into one container for pickup. Follow the guidelines below for acceptable and unacceptable items to recycle.

Paper items include newspapers, inserts, ads, telephone books, magazines, office paper, catalogs, junk mail and brown paper sacks. Staples can be left in paper goods, but do not include the plastic from around phone books or magazines.

Paperboard or chip items such as facial tissue boxes, cereal and most other packaged food boxes, soda cartons, toilet paper and paper towel rolls can be recycled. Some boxes, such as those used for cereal or cake mix, have a plastic liner inside and this must be removed prior to recycling.

Accepted plastic includes milk jugs, plus empty bottles and containers such as those used for juice, soda, water, butter, condiments, shampoo, laundry detergent and cleaning supplies. Unacceptable plastic items include plastic utensils, egg cartons, 6 pack can holders and plastic bags. If in doubt, look on the bottom of the container for a number. If it’s numbered 1 through 7, it’s recyclable, but garbage recycling services Denver CO cannot accept plastics marked with #7 PLA.

Thoroughly rinse all containers to get as much of the product out as possible. It’s okay to leave the labels on if you want to. Make sure that aerosol cans, such as those used for hairspray, are completely empty.

Throw in any tin or steel cans, aluminum foil and pie tins into the recycle bin. Glass bottles and jars are recyclable too, but light bulbs, mirrors and glass from windows is not.

When in doubt about any recyclable materials, contact your local Recycling Denver CO service for a list of accepted items. Inquire about obtaining a bin for your recyclables and find out the pickup day so you can have your bin out by the curb. With this new program in place and being able to put all your items together, helping to save the environment by recycling has never been easier. Click Here to know more.

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