People lose teeth due to poor oral hygiene and others get dentinogenesis imperfecta, which prompt them to seek dentists for help. Dentures are one of the many and major recommended treatments used by dentists. Dentures, also known as false teeth, are designed to wholly replace diseased or missing teeth. It fits in the mouth cavity, and it’s supported by surrounding hard tissues. There are different types of complete dentures and to choose the best denture in Manassas Park, keep reading.

Immediate dentures

It is also referred to as temporary dentures. Immediate dentures are made before removal of your natural teeth and are inserted just above your bleeding sockets immediately after the natural teeth are extracted. The good thing with these dentures is that they help numb any pain. You will also only require two appointments with a dentist to fit the immediate dentures properly.

Standard dentures

If you have lost all the entire teeth set, this the best denture type to go for. It is fixed behind┬áthe mouth’s hard bone.This targets maximizing the surface area for stability and retention. Standard dentures are maintained through suction. However, the dentist will require four appointments to fit them properly.

Porcelain or plastic dentures

Even if the porcelain teeth are durable compared to plastic teeth, it is advisable to use plastics teeth instead of porcelain due to various reasons. To start with, porcelain teeth have a plastic nature that easily wear and tear. In addition, porcelain teeth weaken and wear the natural teeth that may be retained in the dental system. Also, using diatonic method for porcelain dentures will result in falling of the inserted teeth after some time.

Implant retained dentures

Although dental implants are expensive, it assists in retaining power of your dental system. Inserting an implant below the dentures assist reduced the problems of bone wear. The implants will be fitted in a way that your denture will hold any pressure resulting from chewing thus preventing the bone from eroding. For implant retained dentures, titanium screw is used.

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