Pruning trees on a regular basis have many advantages including keeping the trees healthy and helping them to maintain their shape. When the trees on your property need to be pruned, contact an
experienced Tree Pruning Service in East Lyme CT to do a professional job. Read the frequently asked questions below to learn additional information about the importance of tree pruning.

Q.) How often should homeowners have their trees pruned by a professional tree service?

A.) Many homeowners have their trees pruned once a year to maintain the health of the tree. It’s best to have trees pruned at the beginning of winter and always before the trees begin to produce buds in the spring. It’s easier to spot problem areas of the tree that need pruning after the leaves have fallen off in the fall. Homeowners who are uncertain if their trees need to be pruned should contact a tree company to examine the trees to determine if the service is needed.

Q.) What are the reasons why homeowners should have their trees pruned by a professional?

A.) The main reason for pruning trees is to keep the trees healthy. A company that specializes in tree services will prune off the branches of the tree that are diseased or dying. Brittle limbs can fall and cause damage when they hit the ground or an object. Diseased branches that are left on the tree can infect the healthy areas of the tree. A young tree is often pruned to shape the tree and to remove branches that are touching one another. Pruning trees before they mature helps them grow healthy, and this often reduces the need for major pruning as the tree ages. Homeowners who don’t have experience pruning trees should contact an experienced Tree Pruning Service in East Lyme CT to do the job. A homeowner who isn’t skilled with pruning shears or doesn’t know the proper cutting methods can cause damage to the tree.

Dunn’s Tree Service provides various tree services including tree trimming, tree pruning and tree removal. They also offer stump removal services and firewood delivery.

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