Five Signs a Home Has Termites in Bel Air MD

Pesky bugs can be a problem for many households, from bedbugs and fleas to termites and dust mites. Oftentimes, it can be tricky to tell just which of these insects has infiltrated the home. Termites in Bel Air MD are quite common. Here are four signs a home may have termites.

Damage to Wood

If a homeowner finds damage to any wood within their home, it could be a good indicator that termites are present. They commonly burrow into the wood and create tunnels for themselves. These tunnels can be found along walls, on a table, and within other furniture.

Pellet Pieces

Pellet pieces may be seen near a termite’s tunnel. These pieces are termite droppings that have been left behind. If there is a pile like this found along the wood, then termites are most likely present.

Discarded Wings

Some termites have wings, which can often be found in a discarded pile when they lose them. If there is a pile of tiny wings found in the corner of the floor, termites are probably nearby.

Hollow Wood

Termites often eat wood from the inside out, so visible damage may be hard to find initially. If other signs have been found, homeowners can tap their walls to see if they can detect a hollow spot. A hollow spot in the home could mean termites are burrowed inside, eating the window within the walls.

Pale Yellow Insects

If the insects have actually been spotted, homeowners can tell what kind they are based on their color. While fleas, beetles, and various other insects are typically black or brown in color, termites have a pale yellow hue that sets them apart. If pale yellow insects are seen, the homeowner can be sure they have termites.

Termites in Bel Air MD are a common occurrence. Once someone has detected any of these five signs, they should consult with pest control about having the bugs removed from the home. Sitename provides details of termite control and treatment, so homeowners can know what to expect during the extermination. Once the bugs have been eliminated, the control technician will discuss options for sealing cracks and crevices so termites can not get back into the home again.