Generally speaking, a typical shingle roof is expected to last for approximately 20 years. Of course, the elements have something to say about that. High winds, ice, heavy precipitation, hot summers and cold winters all take their toll on even the sturdiest roofs. Adding to the problem of roof deterioration is the fact that unless the roof receives obvious damage from things like storms or falling limbs, its condition is never considered.

This is why, whether the roof is residential or commercial in nature, it requires regular professional inspections by experts in Roofing Independence Kansas. These inspections can reveal even minimal, easily-repaired damage and can help professionals spot potentially dangerous areas before they require emergency attention. Catching these hazards early can make the difference between basic roof repairs and needing an entire roof replacement.

Regular inspections and maintenance can help extend the life of a roof, but sooner or later every roof needs to be replaced. When that time comes, it’s best to rely on a roofing company with a reputation for using quality materials, hiring only experienced roofing specialists, and providing outstanding customer service at competitive prices. It’s not always easy to find that combination, but when it comes to the safety of family members and the structural integrity of their home, shopping around for quality professional roofers is invaluable. Reputable Roofing Independence Kansas experts will also stand behind all of their work so that their clients know that they are going to be protected from questionable materials and shoddy workmanship.

If a new roof is called for, it can come with some advantages. Being able to select the materials and the style for a new roof is a luxury that not every homeowner gets. A new roof can increase insulation, making a home noticeably more energy efficient and can complement the look of the home, adding to its curb appeal and overall value. The roofing pros at companies like Falcon Roofing will work closely with their clients to ensure that they get the roof they want at a price that is comfortable for them. They can also help the homeowner with any insurance claims, relieving them of one of the bigger headaches that go along with a roofing project. To learn what services they can provide, visit them online at