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by | Aug 4, 2015 | Plumbing

Perhaps of all the problems that happen around a home, plumbing is the most daunting. Dealing with a blocked drain or repairing a faucet that is dripping is well within the realm of the homeowner, anything more than that can be a real problem. If you are an “old timer” in your area you no doubt already have a favorite plumber, electrician and handyman noted in your personal directory. If however you are new to the area or newlywed just moving into your first home you probably haven’t found these guys yet. The time to look for a plumber in Binghamton NY is not when the water is over the top of your shoes. You should identify any skilled tradesmen long before you need them.

Finding a plumber in Binghamton NY:

Not all plumbers focus on the same thing; some specialize in repairs while others tend to work on new installations and on building restoration projects. When looking for a plumber, make sure you get the right one. The majority of homeowners will be looking for a plumber in Binghamton NY that leans more towards repair and replacement of fixtures.

If you are new to the neighborhood the best way to find, trades people in the area is to meet your new neighbors, people who have lived in the area for some time. Gather a few names, give them a call, find out if they specialize in the repair and ask for their rates, ask if they are based on the job or are their rates hourly. You will also want to know if they charge for their travel time and do they provide 24-hour service?

Pre-qualifying the plumbers:

Once you have reviewed the prices offered, take the top three best and subject them to a further review.

   *      Check to see if they are licensed and the license is current

   *      Make sure they carry liability insurance and workman’s compensation

   *      Check for any positive or negative reviews. Some comments will be biased so anything that you find, take it with a grain of salt, but it is good to know any negative comments should you wish to ask the plumber his opinion.

   *      Check the length of time he has been in business. Poor tradesmen do not last very long no matter how little they may charge.

With a little bit of work, reviewing a few prices and digging into the background of your candidates, it will not take long before the phone number and details of your plumber in Binghamton NY will be completed.

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