Ask any divorced parent and they’ll tell you how hard child custody cases can be. In many cases, parents act amicably in order to properly share custody. However, broken relationships and a lack of communication between ex-spouses often lead to intense child support and child custody battles. Consider the following information if you’re preparing for one of these cases.

Understand that the judge in the child custody case will always operate in the interests of the children involved. That being said, there are certain factors that judges take into account when determining custody. For instance, are you financially able to provide for your child? Do you have the mental capacity needed to raise a child? When it comes to custody and child support in Guntersville AL, work closely with your lawyer to prove your case.

A judge will also take certain facts about the child into account. For instance, which parent does the child get along better with? Often times, whichever parent the child is more comfortable with that’s the parent who receives primary custody. A child’s age will also come into account during a trial. In many cases, when a child is very young, primary custody will be awarded to the mother until the child gets older. Once the child is old enough, the custody arrangements can be reworked.

Child support can be a little tricky. The support one parent provides will depend on a couple of things. Whoever makes the most money is generally the parent who pays support. How much support you pay will depend on your income, lifestyle and the needs of your child. A child is required to have an equal lifestyle to that of the highest earning parent. Work with a lawyer who handles Child Support in Guntersville AL to see what can be done.

These are just a few things you need to know about child custody and child support. Visit Long Flanagan and McDonald LLC in order to build a case. Again, both child custody and child support will depend on several factors. Don’t forget that the needs of the children involved will always come first. Judges will take into account each parent’s situation before determining any arrangements.

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