If you are looking into redoing the bathroom in your New York home, you will likely find that there are more bathroom fixtures available than you ever thought possible. Sure, you will find the normal bathroom fixtures in New York that are in all bathrooms like sinks and vanities, but there are a host of new fixtures on the market that more and more people are adding to their homes. To learn more about these new bathroom fixtures in New York that are quickly becoming “must haves”, read on:

Towel Warmers

One of the bathroom fixtures that used to be a luxury, but now are readily available, are towel warmers.  You can easily find affordable towel warmers to add to your updated bathroom. When you choose to install these warmers though, be warned…there is no going back once you experience the feeling of a nice warm towel after a bath or shower. These warmers can also help to keep your bathroom warmer and can be used to dry clothing, as well.

Sensor Faucets

Another item that used to be set aside for only the most luxurious bathrooms are sensor faucets. These too are much more affordable than ever and you can easily install them into your home just as you would a regular faucet. These faucets have been used for years in commercial and public buildings and now you can bring the same convenience into your own New York home. You will likely find that you will even save money on your water bill with these faucets as they will always turn off after use.


Finally, you will find that many US homeowners are choosing to install bidets into their home bathrooms. Typically used throughout Europe, South America and the Middle East, more people than ever are learning about the benefits of using a bidet. These bathroom appliances are much more sanitary, you will feel cleaner than ever before and they are easily affordable.

These are just a few of the latest fixtures for your New York bathroom. To learn more about any of these items or to see more fixtures that you may be interested in, it is recommended that you contact a bathroom fixture retailer online. By shopping online, you will find the best selection and prices imaginable.

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