There is nothing like an afternoon at a health and beauty spa to make a person feel younger and full of energy. Modern health spas do much more than facials and steam baths for their customers. Trained medical professionals are on staff to administer treatments that correct skin conditions, get rid of wrinkles, and help people take care of their skin. Looking younger and healthier has never been easier. These spa days carry a hefty price tag, but the results may be worth saving up for. The range of new spa treatments is amazing at spas such as Tamjidi Skin Institute.

Spa Services in Fairfax County VA include hydro facials, chemical peels, and many types of facials. Clients can get Botox injections, Ultherapy, Sculpture, Thermage, and many more cutting edge treatments. There are fillers, Liposonix, Laser therapy, and many medical dermatology treatments available to clients who need them. These procedures are alternatives to plastic surgery which is much more invasive and painful. Medical professionals will meet with clients to determine what their needs are and what treatments will meet those needs. The client has the final say in what treatments they want. All treatments are administered in a pleasant spa atmosphere.

When the emphasis is on healthier, younger looking skin, there are many treatment choices. Chemical peels are very popular because they are a non-invasive treatment that improves the appearance and total quality of a person’s skin. It can reduce acne scars, sun damage, wrinkles, and uneven skin color and texture. Freckles, enlarged skin pores, and rosacea can also be made less visible. How does a skin peel work? A skin peel consists of a chemical solution being applied to remove damaged skin layers to create room for the newer skin beneath. Though these chemical peels are best known for their facial benefits, they can be used in other parts of the body. Arms, legs, Hands, necks, and chests can be treated with chemical peels for equal benefits. After a client has had a chemical peel, they must protect those new layers of skin with broad spectrum sunscreens for post-procedure protection. Once the skin has been treated to remove the damages caused by exposure to the sun and other actions, the client should make an effort to take better care of their skin. For more information about Spa Services in Fairfax County VA go to the website.

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