Owning a persian rug in Manhattan enables a homeowner to have an upscale floor covering to enhance the home’s appeal. It will also make create a safer walking surface. Because this heavy textile floor covering can be a significant investment, it’s prudent to treat it right. The following guidelines can help a rug owner care and maintain his rug.

It’s essential to vacuum a Persian Rug in Manhattan on a regular basis. Doing this a few times a week will help keep particulates from becoming a permanent part of the rug. It’s important to use the correct height setting on the vacuum. Using a setting that is too low can crush the carpet’s pile. An improperly high setting can cause grimy particles to escape the suction the vacuum creates. It’s advisable to not use floor deodorizers that can harm dyes in the rug.

A Persian rug can fade when it’s directly exposed to sunlight, so plan carefully where to place the rug within a room. When this type of rug is in the direct sunlight, a person should consider using sheer drapes to block some of the sun’s harmful rays. Also, the rug can be permanently damaged by furniture and other objects that are set on it for a long period of time. A person should consider using coasters to support the weight of furniture on the rug. In addition, it’s also beneficial to rotate the furniture every few months to keep the rug’s pile from wearing prematurely.

Do not to eat on the Persian rug. Although the integrity of the rug can withstand some stains, other stains may damage the appearance of the rug. Any stain should be attacked immediately. A person can use paper towels or a soft cloth to blot up stains. Stains should never be rubbed into the rug. After blotting up the stain, use a damp cloth to gently remove the rest of the stain. It may be necessary to use a special rug cleaner to remove the rest of the stain. For more information on the care of Persian rugs and Business Name, talk to a professional at The Golden Horn.

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