DUI Defense Lawyers in Gilbert AZ can Help Clients After an Arrest

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Many people wonder how much they must drink to reach the legal limit for intoxication, but there’s a way to tell whether one is getting close to that limit (which is .08% in most jurisdictions). The estimate is based on the person’s weight, the amount of alcohol they’ve consumed, and the length of time they’ve been drinking. For instance:

• A person weighing about 100 lbs. can have about one serving before exceeding the legal limit in most states.

• A person weighing close to 160 lbs. can have three servings and be under the legal limit

A solid rule to follow is that regardless of weight, if a person has had three drinks in succession, they’re likely over the limit and should not drive. BAC (blood alcohol content) depends on the duration of alcohol consumption. If a person paces themselves, their BAC will be lower than if they’d had the same number of drinks in just an hour. Generally speaking, the drinker can deduct .01% from their BAC for every forty minutes that elapse while drinking.

What’s a Serving?

The alcohol amount that makes up a serving depends on the kind of drink. For instance, 12 oz. of liquor has far more alcohol than a 12 oz. beer, and therefore has a greater effect on BAC. A serving is roughly equal to 1 oz. of liquor, 12 oz. of beer or 4 oz. of wine.

Other Factors Affecting BAC

Though weight, consumption and timing play key roles in the estimation of BAC, there are other factors at play as well. Fatigue can greatly increase a person’s BAC, and it can negatively affect judgment. Certain medicines can have negative side effects when taken while drinking; users should check labels on all medications before drinking. Moreover, drinking without eating can result in an elevated BAC.

What to do After a Drunk Driving Arrest

When one is arrested for DUI, they should visit  and call DUI Defense Lawyers in Gilbert AZ right away. A lawyer with The law firm of Janet R. Feeley L.L.C. can advise the client of their rights and help them form a DUI defense.

Clients should remember that the justice system can be complex, and a DUI Defense Lawyers in Gilbert AZ can help them choose a defense that protects their legal rights.

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