A Slip And Fall Accident in Terre Haute IN is very common. When you are injured in this type of incident, you may seek compensation for your injuries. The problem lies in determining who is at fault when this type of accident takes place. If you feel another party may be responsible for your injuries and therefore liable, you need to seek the assistance of an attorney. Doing so allows you to obtain the legal advice you need along with help to navigate the system as you work to recover. What do you need to know about this type of accident?

To establish liability you must first determine if the property owner could have prevented the incident. In the event he or she had put measures in place to avoid accidents of this type, he or she may not be held liable for your injuries. An experienced attorney will be able to help you decide if this is the case. In addition, if something is accidentally left lying around, he or she may also not be held responsible as each person must be aware of their surroundings. If you encounter a dangerous situation, you need to make an effort to avoid injuries. This can be confusing to the average person, which is why legal advice is recommended any time you are hurt in a slip and fall accident in Terre Haute IN.

The attorney looks to see if the property owner or someone employed by him or her should have been aware of the dangerous condition. If they should have this knowledge, they are then responsible for fixing it. In addition, the property owner or someone acting on his or her behalf must have caused the dangerous situation. If a customer spilled liquid all over the floor and didn’t report it, the owner and his or her employees may not yet be aware of its presence. For this reason, you need to seek legal advice.

When you suffer a contact Dan McGlone. Dan has been practicing law since 1988 and takes on cases involving personal injury, workers compensation, product liability, and wrongful death. Individuals know they can count on him during a difficult time. Don’t hesitate to contact him as he will be by your side at every stage of the process. This allows you to focus on what is most important, recovering your health following your injuries.

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