Everyone in the U.S. is already pretty much aware of the Affordable Health Care Act that requires them to have health insurance coverage or pay the penalties that ensue. The problem is that towards the end of the last quarter of 2014, over 32 million Americans still had not signed up for the coverage. There are various reasons why so many people are still uninsured, despite the threat of tax penalties. A demographic showed that a good portion of the uninsured is in the southern states. An agency that offers Obamacare Health Insurance Warner Robins GA advises consumers to be ready to get on board with the insurance if they haven’t already.

Some of the reasons why it is hard to get people to subscribe to the Obamacare plan are related to many myths surrounding the plan. Looking at some of these myths might make it easier for people to make the transition to buying into the insurance requirements.

• Some people have been led to believe that Obamacare is going to lead to the shutdown of a lot of jobs. Presumably, organizations will not be able to afford to share the costs of implementing Affordable Health Care. Actually, this was overblown propaganda by the opposing political party. Thus far, there has been no substantiated reports that demonstrate jobs were affected because of Obamacare.

• There are those who also believe that with Obamacare, they will not be able to select their own doctor. This is based on the fear that the government will be controlling health care. Actually, nothing will change about choosing your own doctor.

• Some consumers fear that the premiums will be going up while others believe they will be going down. This all depends on whether or not you are self-insured, your age group and the status of your health.

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