Once upon a time, hormone therapy was the standard for treating menopausal women. However, that has changed. The treatment that once used female hormones to replace hormones lost in menopause is no longer widely deemed as effective or safe. This is because a clinical trial found that hormone therapy is actually more harmful than helpful, especially for older women. Growing concerns over the health risks caused more and more doctors to stop prescribing the treatment. However, new research and further review of the trials have shown that hormone therapy is, in fact, beneficial to some women.

Most of the benefits of hormone therapy depends on if a woman takes systemic estrogen. Also known as systemic hormone therapy, systemic estrogen comes in a gel, cream, pill, spray, or skin patch. It is used as the most effective treatment for night sweats and hot flashes. When combined with bisphosphonates, it is also said to be an effective treatment for osteoporosis. Systemic hormone therapy can also be prescribed to decrease the risk of heart disease, but it is no longer common to prescribe it for this purpose.

Hormone Therapy in West Chester PA and all over the US may also be used to aid in the prevention of uterine cancer. Typically, estrogen is paired with progesterone or progestin and prescribed to postmenopausal patients who have not had a hysterectomy. The progesterone balances out the estrogen preventing the uterine lining from building up, which can increase the risk of cancer. It has been proven that Hormone Therapy in West Chester PA is not right for every woman, but there are those who can benefit exponentially from it. Systemic estrogen treatment works well for:

• Those who experience moderate to severe menopausal symptoms

• Those who’ve experienced premature menopause(before the age of 40)

• Those who’ve lost bone mass and can’t take other treatments

• Those who’ve experienced premature ovarian insufficiency

Hormone therapy can only serve as a protector for women who experience early or premature menopause. Early menopause that isn’t treated with hormones puts a woman at risk for coronary heart disease, Parkinsonism (Parkinson Disease symptoms), depression, cancer, and osteoporosis. For these women, it’s easy to see that the benefits outweigh the risks. Women experiencing premature menopausal symptoms should seek Hormone Therapy in West Chester PA advice from places like the BeBalanced Center. It may not work well for everyone, but all women should at least consider it before deciding against hormone therapy. Browse website for more information.