Dealing With Water Damage in Virginia Beach, VA

by | Aug 25, 2015 | Cleaning

Nothing is quite as disconcerting as one or more parts of the house being subjected to flooding. Whether the problem is confined to the basement or involves the entire house, getting past the event is not easy. The best way to deal with water damage in Virginia Beach VA, is to hire a firm that specializes in cleaning up once the water is pumped out of the place.

Assessing the Damage

Before any attempts at dealing with the water damage in Virginia Beach Va, can commence, it is necessary to determine the scope of that damage. After the water is removed from the home, experts will make a careful assessment of the space. The idea is to determine if the water caused any damage to flooring, walls, and other architectural elements. If the floor was covered by carpeting, it is necessary to determine if the carpet and the padding can be salvaged. Once the evaluation is completed, it will be easier to decide how to proceed.

Outlining the Process

The next step involved conferring with the homeowner about what can and cannot be done. Some elements of the home may be beyond repair. Others may be salvageable, but it will mean a significant expense. Still other elements can be saved with ease. Going over the details of each part of the effort gives the homeowner the chance to decide if the effort is worth it, or if ripping those elements out and replacing them would be a better approach.

Moving Forward

After deciding what stays and what goes, the work of dealing with the water damage can begin in earnest. Carpeting can be taken up and cleaned thoroughly. The padding can be tossed out and replaced with fresh product. Along the way, equipment can be brought in to finish drying walls and flooring, ensuring there is no opportunity for further deterioration.

Remember that a flood does not mean everything is ruined. Some things can be saved with the right amount of effort. Talk with a professional and have the home assessed. It may be possible to repair the damage and get things back to normal faster than the client had ever dreamed.

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