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by | Dec 5, 2012 | Automotive

Maybe you can’t afford a brand new vehicle or even a new used vehicle for awhile, but you still want to create a customized, individualized look for your car or truck. There are lots of things you can do to really change the look of your truck or car without having to spend a ton of money. You might decide to just pick one or two options for customization, or you might decide to go all out and make use of many of the fun options that are available to changing up your car’s look.

Even simple things can make a big difference such as choosing new fuel door covers that are customized and tailored to your tastes. Many of these covers feature a push-to-open cover which will operate similar to a locked door and come in many choices of finishes and design.

There are lots of choices for decorating your license plate area as well with light wing mounts that fit every bumper size and come with special mounting kits so that they can easily be installed. Many of them are frames that light up when the car is running and really stand out when driving around at night.

Changing up the look of your wheels in a popular choice and is one of the biggest ways to update the overall look of your truck or car easily. You can shop for wheels in DC and choose from a large variety of rims and wheels in alloy or chrome or many other finishes and colors depending on your personal taste. Custom wheels in DC are especially popular in shiny chrome or polished aluminum and black custom rims are growing in popularity as well. Nearly every color of wheels in DC is available to those who want to find options that compliment their vehicle’s paint color scheme. Make sure you seek help in getting the right measurements and that you seek out professional advice for fitting the wheels properly to your specific car.

Other options for customizing your car include adding full frame light bars to the existing windshield hinges or connecting light bars to your off road lights for a truly individual, stand out look. You might decide that you want to give your car uplift and use light gauges inside the cab for creating a modern look on the dashboard of your vehicle. Fender flares are attachments that fit into the wheel opening of trucks and SUV vehicles and add body side styling at reasonable prices.

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