Commonly Asked Questions About Packing and Moving Supplies in Flower Mound.

by | Aug 17, 2015 | Moving Services

When a family moves to a new home, there’s an enormous amount of packing that needs to be done; however, this tedious process can be done much more quickly and efficiently with the right kind of packing materials. When you get ready to purchase moving supplies in Flower Mound, area moving companies will have all the supplies you need. Read the commonly asked questions below to learn some helpful packing tips.

Q.) What is the best way to pack large breakable items such as glass and mirrors?

A.) Large mirrors and glass items, such as picture frames, have to be carefully packed or they won’t survive the move. It’s essential that these types of breakable items are placed in the correct type of boxes. Many moving companies sell mirror cartons and these two piece boxes that are made especially for packing these types of fragile items. Before placing the items into the box, wrap them carefully in bubble wrap.

Q.) What is the proper way to pack a set of dishes?

A.) Before placing breakable dishes in a packing box, they’ll need to be wrapped individually in packing paper or bubble wrap. A moving company supplies dish box inserts that fit down into a box, which keeps the dishes from knocking together and breaking during the move. After sliding an insert into a box and stacking the dishes inside the openings, the breakables are fully protected.

Q.) What is the right way to pack clothing so that it doesn’t wrinkle during the move?

A.) When picking up moving supplies in Flower Mound, area moving companies carry special wardrobe boxes for clothing so you don’t have to take the clothing off the hangers. The box comes complete with a metal rod and after placing clothes from the closet onto the rod, the wardrobe box closes up for easy transport. Using this type of moving box keeps clothes free from wrinkling and it saves time.

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