When the washing machine malfunctions, dirty laundry can pile up in a hurry. Sometimes getting the washer to work again is a simple fix, while other times it requires a call to a company that specializes in Washer Repair in Shrewsbury MA. Read about the common washing machine problems below and how you can get your machine quickly running again.

Makes A Loud Noise

When a washing machine makes a loud thumping noise, it’s usually off balance. Washing thick, heavy clothing or blankets often causes this problem. To fix this minor issue, shut off the washer and redistribute the clothes so that the washer is balanced and stops making the noise. If this doesn’t correct the problem, it could more serious, and a technician will need to check the agitator or motor to see if these components are faulty.

Won’t Fill Up With Water

If the water doesn’t fill into the tub when the washer is turned on, make sure the water valves to the washer are in the correct position. Also, inspect the water hoses to make sure they haven’t become kinked. If the hoses are twisted, remove them from the water valves to straighten them out. If everything checks out, call a technician to examine the washer. Possible culprits include a broken or worn belt, a malfunctioning water level apparatus or a broken lid switch.

Water Won’t Spin Out

When the washer is full of water and it doesn’t go anywhere when it’s on the spin cycle, this may be caused by a blocked drain pipe. If there’s an obstruction in the pipe, the water is unable to drain out of the washer. If the drainage hose is clear, the problem could be a faulty drum, motor or timer. Contact an experienced company that provides Washer Repair in Shrewsbury MA and a technician can come to your home, diagnose the problem and fix the washer.

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