Common Reasons to Undergo Oral Surgery in Short Hills NJ

Proper oral health is an essential component of quality health. Oral Surgery in Short Hills NJ is the area of medicine that handles surgical treatment of various conditions of the jaw, mouth and other facial structures. There are a number of different reasons for having to undergo oral surgery, which are found here.

Missing Teeth

A dental implant is one of the most common solutions to replacing missing teeth. They are strong, but small titanium screws that have been surgically placed in the jawbone. Once they are secure, they act as an artificial root and provide superior support for dentures, bridges and crowns. The placement of the dental implants requires precision and planning to ensure quality results.

Bone Grafting

In order to be able to properly place dental implants, there must be enough jawbone present. However, if the jawbone has lost density due to missing teeth, then the oral surgeon may have to perform a bone grafting procedure to restore this.

Lesions and Growths

Any type of lesion or growth in the soft tissues of the face, neck, lips or mouth may be cancerous. When these are present, Oral Surgery in Short Hills NJ will be necessary to remove them. You can click here to get more information.

Bite Issues and TMJ

When a patient suffers from a bit problem, they can benefit from a corrective jaw surgery. This procedure allows the lower and upper jaws to be corrected so that they will meet properly, which makes the bite stronger and restores comfort to the patient’s mouth. Undergoing jaw correction surgery can also help to alleviate the symptoms associated with TMJ, including jaw pain and chronic headaches.

Infected Roots of Teeth

In some cases, teeth infections will not be able to be resolved with just a root canal. At this point, it will be necessary to remove the root’s tip through an apicoectomy.

More information about various oral surgeries can be found by contacting Westfield Oral Surgery. Take some time to get to know the procedures that are available to determine if this is necessary for restoring the health of the mouth. An oral surgeon can help to restore a mouth’s health and reduce any pain or discomfort that may be present.