Co-managed IT Services

IT services feature complexities, including system requirements, network industry regulations, cybersecurity, software licenses, and hardware, which pressure your employees, necessitating these services.

Co-managed IT in AK is supplemental to your in-house IT team, and sourcing these services will enable your business to leverage the strengths of your team and service provider for the betterment of your IT operations.

How They Work

Most businesses need extra IT services from external providers, yet purely outsourcing the service is inefficient. It is under such circumstances that the co-management model comes in handy. This model requires an analysis of your current team’s skills, tools, abilities, and resources, a determination of the resources and services you need to meet your business goals, and partnering with a third-party company to supplement your organizational needs.

Co-managed IT and How It Services Your Business Needs

Some ways you can use these services to relieve your business of inadequate staff, support or tools, and technology risks include:

  • A service desk comprising a complete ticketing and escalation system for your provider.
  • Centralized services and network administration with reports on data protection and antivirus accountability.
  • True vCIO and recommendations depending on the process.
  • 12–60 month planning with quarterly budgeting.

Benefits of Co-managed IT

Through co-managed IT services in AK, your business will enjoy:

  • All round support at a fixed monthly rate
  • Reduced technological and business risks
  • Reduced trouble tickets
  • No surprises in your budgeting
  • Improved overall productivity
  • Alignment of technology with your business goals

Frequently Asked Questions

How Does Co-managed IT Support My Business?

Whether a business owner or CEO, considering the services of co-managed IT specialists will help you run and reach your business goal by providing higher-level support to your business in managing your IT infrastructure. Co-managed services will also keep your business updated with the latest trends, including security, technology, and software, without too much training of your staff or spending a fortune.

When Is the Right Time to Consider Getting Co-managed IT?

Consider these services for your business if you have a small or overworked IT team, an existing knowledge gap in the team, or want to take on a new IT project.

Can Small Businesses Leverage Co-managed IT?

For years, small businesses have enjoyed backup from co-managed IT service providers in maintaining their infrastructure and other support toward attaining their goals, growth, and taking on new projects. With the above benefits of co-managed IT, do not hesitate to call DenaliTEK co-managed IT in AK to book your appointment and take your business to the next level.