When you are planning the construction of a new home, or the heating system in your current home has reached the end of it natural life, this is the time to consider the alternatives. The Heating Installation in Western Springs that you finally settle on will have a major impact, not only on the cost of installation, but the ongoing operating costs.

Choosing the right central heating system:
Prior to making the choice, it is important that the consumer fully understand the basic terminology which is used and that there is an understanding of the differences in systems.

Do you want a furnace or do you want a boiler?
The majority of home heating systems are fueled by natural gas, oil or diesel fuel. Heat is generated in a furnace or a boiler. A furnace is a device that heats air, the air is then distributed throughout the house in ducts, each room being fed by a separate duct, all coming from the furnace. A boiler heats with hot water, the water is heated by running through a closed loop system of copper tubes, which then leave the boiler and run throughout the house, connecting to radiators in each room.

Which is better, the furnace or the boiler?
1. Generally speaking, boilers are the favored system, they are:
2. Quiet compared to forced air systems where you have a blower installed
3. They are more energy efficient
4. They compensate better for zone heating where you want the temperatures in different zones within the house set differently to conserve energy

What about electric heat?
Electric Heating Installation in Western Springs is either done through use of resistance or a heat pump. Resistance heating converts electricity into heat. As a green alternative, it is considered to be low on the scale. With almost 50% of the electricity in the US still being generated in coal fired plants, electricity generation is far from being environmentally sensitive. The exception to the rule may be if you live in a part of the country where it is usually warm, and your home is well insulted, then electric resistance heating for the bedroom may be worth it.

A heat pump is a far better choice. Not only does a heat pump generate heat at a very low cost per KWh, it doubles as an air conditioner in the summer. The heat pumps are usually a bit different depending on whether you live in the North or South of the country. In one case you will source the heat from the ambient air and in the other case you will source the heat from the ground.

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