Choosing a Sprinkler System from a Fire Protection Company in Salt Lake City

by | Jun 16, 2015 | Business

Deciding on the correct type of fire sprinkler system for a business is an important decision that could potentially save a life. Wet sprinkler systems and dry sprinkler systems offer different solutions for the same problem. There are several options available and certain factors that should be taken into consideration prior to making a choice on a fire protection system.

The first thing business owners should consider the building that is in need of fire protection. There are different considerations that must be taken into account for small office spaces, medium sized showrooms, or a large warehouse with separate storage units. What needs to be protected should be noted as well. Valuable office equipment can get damaged by excess water exposure, and some materials are combustible. It’s important to take note of the building’s location and if there are areas of the building that may freeze after water exposure. Different systems are beneficial depending on the needs of a building.

The main factor in deciding whether to purchase a wet-pipe sprinkler system or a dry-pipe sprinkler system from a Fire Protection Company in Salt Lake City is if the building has a temperature of at least 40 degrees Fahrenheit. The sprinkler system should never get cold enough to freeze, this leads to flow blockage and can cause pipes to burst. For places that maintain a temperature of 40 degrees, a wet system is a good option. This type of system has piping that’s fully loaded with water that is ready to discharge when the sprinklers are opened. Dry systems are not charged with water but are charged with a pressurized air. When the system is activated by extreme heat, the air released causes the dry valve to distribute water onto the flames. Dry systems have been known to have up to a minute delay in water delivery as opposed to wet systems, which are instant.

Fire safety prevention is a necessity to any building, and a confident Fire Protection Company in Salt Lake City like Interwest Fire Protection should be employed for this service. They offer advice on installing wet or dry sprinkler systems and offer maintenance and ongoing support once the systems are installed. These services also know that wet protection offers fast protection in the event of a fire, but dry piping allows for safety in any condition.

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