Choosing a Bankruptcy Attorney in the Right Way

by | Dec 19, 2012 | Lawyers

There is nothing wrong about being in debt. You need extra cash in order to invest, buy a home or pay for your children’s education. However, if you take too much of it, you will be overwhelmed. Lenders usually charge a fee on top of every amount borrowed. This is known as interest. The longer you stay without repaying your debts the more it accumulates interest. At this point, you might decide to take some bold steps such as filing for bankruptcy. In order for you to succeed, you need help from an experienced bankruptcy attorney.

Below are some steps that can guide you in getting the most competent bankruptcy attorney.

* Referrals: Seek for recommendations from a lawyer or friends. Lawyers specialize in different fields such as divorce, property and so on. You may have a friend who happens to know someone with connections to an attorney. Try checking through the yellow pages and online bankruptcy attorney Lebanon directories. If you are doing an online search you can type in words like “bankruptcy attorney” or widen the search with “bankruptcy attorney Lebanon.”

* Meeting the attorneys: You need to narrow down your search such that you are left with about two or three attorneys. Using the contact details provided, call their offices and make arrangements to visit them. Inquire whether you can meet the attorney in person. Most attorneys offer first time clients free consultation.

* The visit: With the appointment booking already done, the next step is to visit the bankruptcy attorney. The purpose of the visit is to meet the person you will be dealing with, get answers to a few questions and get a first impression of the law firm. Some of the answers you will be seeking are:
-The level of experience the attorney has.
-Areas of specialization. Whether he or she specializes with bankruptcy cases only.     There could be others.
-Whether your case will be handled by him or will be taken over by someone else.
-Fee options and how you will pay for the service.

* Once you are done, thank the attorney for his time and give word that you will get back to him on your final decision. Do the same with the other attorneys you had shortlisted.

* The final decision: After you are through with the series of interviews, make a choice of the attorney who best meets your requirements. As you had promised, communicate your decision to all the attorneys. For the ones you did not select, give an apology but thank them all the same. You could even promise to refer them to other people. This is both polite and a good way of fostering relations. You might need that attorney in future.

With a Bankruptcy Attorney Lebanon, you will be able to deal with obstacles and loopholes that a layman would find challenging.

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