People that work for a company and get hurt while performing duties on behalf of their employer can file a Workers Compensation Iowa City IA claim. This pays for their medical expenses and provides them with income while they are unable to work. However, there are rules that govern who can file a legitimate claim. Not everyone qualifies and those that do not may have other options that they can take to get medical treatment.

Understanding your rights can help you in the event of an injury on the job. If you work for your employer but already have an illness, the company can refuse to pay for your claim stating that it was a pre-existing condition. If the person had this injury or medical problem, the employer can state that it did not occur while working on the job. There are exceptions to this ruling. If the worker can show that the illness has gotten worse due to the job, or has been aggravated because of their duties this might be accepted by the workers compensation Iowa City, IA office. You should speak with a personal injury lawyer to get more details about your specific claim.

Other persons that may also be unable to file are independent contractors. They are not considered as real employees of the company and would not meet the requirements for filing a claim. Any limited liability member or partner are also not considered to be employees. If these persons wish to participate in a workers compensation coverage plan, they will need to purchase a separate policy for themselves. Independent contractors will need to purchase an insurance policy on their own which covers temporary or long term injuries.

If you are able to claim workers compensation, then you do not need to worry about the cost of your medical expenses. This is paid for by your employer. You must go to the employer sponsored physician. If the decision is made that you can no longer work on a permanent basis, you are allowed to seek the opinion of another doctor of your choice. This too is paid for by the employer.