Before deciding to buy a hot tub or spa from Sterling Leisure Spas in Covington GA, homeowners should find out about their available options. Hot tubs and spas are similar in that they both use heat and moving water to soothe painful joints and sore muscles. There’s one major difference between the two: in a hot tub, bubbles come from around and under the seats while in a spa the bubbles come directly up through the seats and floor. While both offer similar benefits, their appearance and construction are different.

Hot Tubs

The first hot tubs were made from old wine casks. Today’s hot tubs are built similarly, with the constant wetness of the wood keeping the setup watertight without the need for nails. Most hot tubs are made using redwood, which is watertight, strong and durable. Other popular wood choices include teak, oak, cypress and cedar.


Materials ranging from hard plastic to concrete are used to construct spas. Each material offers unique characteristics as to spa shape, color, size and durability.

*       Gunite, or the airblown concrete, is commonly used to build spas next to swimming pools. Most gunite spas have ceramic tile at the waterline to make them easier to clean; some are wholly lined with tile. Buyers should consider that gunite spas are individually built. Therefore they’re more expensive.

*       Fiberglass is used primarily as a backing for gel-coat and acrylic spas, and it’s commonly sprayed on the back.

*       Gel-coat: This is a resin sprayed onto the spa’s shell. Allowed to harden before removal, it’s then sprayed with aerosol fiberglass. These spas cost less than those of the acrylic variety, but they’re less durable as well.


Some spas and hot tubs are regarded as a good investment by lenders, and buyers should find out about their financing options. While some spa vendors offer financing, it’s best to shop around for a good interest rate. Adding a hot tub or spa to the Home Rec Gameroom & Leisure area will increase a home’s resale value in most cases, but if the home’s value goes too far above the neighborhood average, the opposite could occur. Therefore, buyers should purchase a spa from Sterling Leisure Spas in Covington GA not only for the added value but for the added enjoyment.

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