Antique Oriental rugs are some of the most beautiful pieces of home decor ever created. However, they can be some of the most fragile if not cared for properly over the years. When an antique rug becomes frayed, stained, or damaged in any way, it may appear that it can never be returned to its original condition. However, this is not the case at all. With the help of antique rug restoration New York City, that antique rug can be in excellent condition once again.

The antique rug restoration New York City can make a tremendous improvement in the condition and appearance of an antique rug. They are highly experienced in providing a variety of different restoration services to their customers. This can include cleaning and removing spots or stains, reweaving the threading of the rug, or even re-sizing a rug to completely remove the damaged area. They can also repair damage done by moths, water or fire.

If the antique rug is in very delicate condition, the antique rug restoration New York City takes special care to work very gently in cleaning it. They use only gentle shampoos without harsh chemicals to avoid any further damage. They also do professional hand washing to prevent any tearing or fraying of the delicate materials. This cleaning can remove even the toughest stains, such as wine, pet stains and ink. Special attention is given to the fringed edges of rugs to make sure they do not ravel or fray. All odors are also removed with this type of cleaning.

Having an antique Oriental rug restored in this way, can dramatically increase its value. There are no signs that the rug has ever been damaged once the cleaning and restoration has been completed by the antique rug restoration New York City. A rug will appear to be in the same condition it was in when it was first woven together.

If you have an antique rug that needs restoration, you may want to consider having this done. It will not only improve the appearance and value of the rug, but it will also give you a beautiful piece of home decor to display in your home. Business Name in New York City can help you restore and repair your antique rugs.

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