Ductless Air Conditioning in Baltimore MD are systems that circulate cool air inside of a building without using any ductwork. These types of systems are considered an affordable alternative to air conditioning, ventilating and central heating systems, which all require ducts for moving air. The ductless units are usually considered a more efficient and a much easier to maintain option than the smaller window air conditioner units. Some of the benefits offered by a Ductless Air Conditioning in Baltimore MD are highlighted here.

Easy Installation

This system is able to be installed in a fraction of the time that it takes to put in a traditional central air conditioning system. While a two-person crew would need approximately a week to install all the components and ductwork of traditional air conditioning systems, the same ductless system can be installed in as little as a day.

Require Minimal Space

Due to the small size, the Ductless Air Conditioning in Baltimore MD are ideal for cooling small living spaces, including dorm rooms and apartments. They are also the right option for cooling single, larger rooms in a house, especially attics or basements, which are typically not ventilated very well. Additionally, the small size of the units makes the ductless air conditioners simple to store.

Simple to Operate

The majority of ductless units will have a simple remote control that will allow you to easily lower or increase the temperature of the air that is coming from your unit. If you are cold while in bed, you can simply adjust the room’s temperature by pressing a button on your remote -; there is no need to get up.

It’s Affordable

The ductless air conditioner is much more affordable in terms of energy consumption than traditional units. This can help you save a significant amount of money on your energy costs.

For more information about the benefits offered by ductless air conditioning systems, contact Fitz Brothers HVAC. Here you can learn about other benefits of these units and how much it would cost to install on in your home or business. Learning about what is available can help you easily determine if it is the right option for you.
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