Benefits of Using a Fuel Oil Company in Quincy MA for Heating Your Home

by | Apr 6, 2015 | Business

Did you know, oil heat is considered the most efficient way to heat your business or home? Oil is extremely stable, non-explosive and combustible, which addresses a number of the safety issues surrounding other common fuels. The efficiency offered by oil heat is due to the higher BTU content found in a single gallon of oil versus the same amount of electricity, propane or natural gas. Some of the benefits offered by using a fuel oil company in Quincy MA are highlighted here.

Higher Level of Efficiency

When you have a modern oil heat system installed in your home, it can perform with up to 95 percent more efficiency than other heating methods. This means that each dollar you spend heating oil, up to 95 cents of hot water or heat is actually delivered to you. This makes oil heat the clear industry leader in terms of efficiency.

Clean Heating Method

Compared to the 1970s, the oil heat used today is as much as 95 percent cleaner. The modern oil heat systems work without any byproducts, including odors, dirt or soot. This makes it an extremely environmentally friendly type of gas.

More Popular Option

There are currently 28.6 million households and businesses utilizing the savings and comfort offered by oil heat. This makes it one of the most popular heating options offered today.


Another appealing aspect of oil heat and utilizing the services of a Fuel Oil Company in Quincy MA is the fact that you do not have to worry about the supplies every running out. There are currently over 36 countries producing oil, ensuring that there is a constant supply.

Safe Option

Heating oil is not an explosive product. The fact is that it will not even burn when it is in its liquid state. Other heating sources will easily burn, causing potential dangers for your home or business.

Taking time to explore all the benefits offered by oil heat will help you see why this may be the right option for your home or business. Efficiency and money savings are the primary benefits, but typically enough to convince people to make the switch. If you are still on the fence, consider the benefits highlighted here.

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