Benefits of Hiring a Disability Lawyer Near Virginia Beach

If a person is injured and no longer able to work, they are eligible for Social Security disability benefits. In some cases, the application process goes through without a hitch; in other cases, however, the application is denied for a variety of reasons. If a person’s Social Security disability application has been denied, they should contact a disability lawyer near Virginia Beach since there are several ways that they can help.

Understanding Necessary Medical Evidence

To have an application accepted for Social Security disability benefits, the person requesting the benefits must show medical proof that they are no longer able to work. Most people do not know what information Social Security needs and doesn’t need, and often times the applicant will give too much unnecessary medical information and not enough of the information that is required. A disability lawyer near Virginia Beach will know what medical information to send and what to leave out.

Experience Dealing with Medical Providers

Having a doctor’s opinion is vital in being awarded Social Security disability benefits. There are times that a doctor is not willing to help applicants because he or she may not be sure how the disability process works or they don’t want to fill out the paperwork. When it comes to getting the opinion that they need, applicants have better results when they have a disability lawyer deal with the doctor. Most doctors respond more easily to a professional than to a patient. Also, the lawyer can address questions about disability better than the patient can.

Representation for the Hearing

If a person’s application for Social Security disability was denied, they would need to file an appeal and have a hearing in court. A disability lawyer knows the hearing process and what type of evidence needs to be brought to the court’s attention so that the applicant wins their case. During the appeal hearing, the lawyer will question the applicant and cross-examine experts hired by the Social Security Administration to tell the court what type of work they believe the applicant can handle with their medical condition. The applicant has a much better chance of winning the appeal when they have a disability lawyer working for them.

When a person is too ill or injured to work, they are eligible for Social Security disability benefits. The best chance that a person has of having their application approved is to contact O’Neil and Bowman Disability Group today.