Now that summer is right around the corner people are wanting to lose weight. And while it is a good thing that folks want to lose extra body fat, this mindset isn’t the best approach. A more sensible approach is to keep your health in consideration and to stay healthful all year round. Yes, a fit body looks better, but what everyone should be focused on are the complications caused by obesity.

High Blood Pressure

As your heart pumps blood, it puts pressure against the walls of your arteries. When a person is carrying excess fat, it can cause damage to your arteries via extra force. There is an optimal blood pressure range you should stay within, and staying at a healthy body fat percentage usually ensures you are within this range.

Heart Disease and Stroke

Another risk you face as your body fat percentage goes up is heart disease. Sedentary lifestyles and unhealthy diets lead to a buildup of plaque inside the coronary arteries. Plaque narrows said arteries, thus reducing blood flow to the heart. This very often results in a heart attack.

A stroke also comes from your arteries being too filled with plaque, only in this case the plaque ruptures and causes a blood clot. Once the clot is close to your brain, blood and oxygen flow gets hampered and causes a stroke. Consider seeing a Family Doctor in Kingwood if you feel you are at risk.

Sleep Apnea

With obesity on the rise in America, there is also an increase in the number of people diagnosed with sleep apnea. In fact, it is now considered a common ailment and is suffered almost exclusively by people with weight problems. What happens is fat gets stored around the neck, constricts your airway, and causes disruptions in your breathing patterns. This leads to a restless sleep, general fatigue, and even some mental illnesses like depression and anxiety.

Care 4 Houston is trying and succeeding in helping people get their lives and health back in order. So many nagging and potentially dangerous health issues can be remedied by getting your diet and weight under control. If you are in need of help, take the first step and see a family doctor in Kingwood. You will look better, feel better, have more energy, and extend your life.