Are You Properly Maintaining Your Air Conditioning in Sarasota, FL?

by | Nov 19, 2015 | Heating and Air Conditioning

Caring for an air conditioner is crucial for keeping it working properly. A home air conditioning system needs ongoing maintenance to ensure it can operate correctly. When an air conditioning system has not been properly maintained, it can begin to wear and experience performance issues. With this information, homeowners will know how to properly care for their air conditioning in Sarasota FL.

Following these maintenance tips can keep an air conditioner running properly:

• Maintaining the filters on a cooling system is crucial for its operation. According to most air conditioner manufacturers, it is important filters are changed every thirty days or when they become dirty. For the best results, homeowners should check their filters at least once a week to make sure they are free of dirt and debris. If one uses a washable filter, these need to be cleaned at least once a month to keep the air flowing properly through the system.

• Another inside chore that needs to be carried out on a monthly basis is checking the condensate tray and line. This area is responsible for holding the water that is removed from the air as it passes through the air conditioner. Unfortunately, this tray and drain can become filled with sediment, which can eventually block the line and cause a backflow of water into the home. This can be remedied simply by pouring a small amount of bleach into the drain line. The condensate tray can also be cleaned with a sponge and a bleach-based cleaner.

• The outside unit also requires maintenance on a regular basis. During storms, leaves, limbs, and debris can be blown onto the condenser grill. When debris covers the grill, it can be sucked into the fan blades, causing damage. Debris can also prevent the normal flow of air. By checking the grill on a regular basis, homeowners can rest assured their unit will not overheat due to a lack of air flow.

These simple maintenance chores can keep a system working properly. If you are in need of repair for your Air conditioning in Sarasota FL, visit . Call them today for all your air conditioner repair needs.

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