Are You Having Issues With Your Septic in Hawaii?

The septic system of a home is crucial for the proper management of waste. Without a septic tank, some homes would have no way of dealing with their waste products and could end up exposing the water supply and their family to bacteria, parasites, and disease. Since septic tanks are buried deep in the ground, homeowners rarely think much of them until problems begin to develop. It is crucial homeowners seek a professional to pump their septic in Hawii. These professionals can also clear blockages in the system. Through this information, homeowners can learn more about the signs that may be present when their tank needs service.

When a septic tank or line needs servicing, homeowners can experience these signs:

  *      Sewer smells coming from toilets, drains or from the backyard are a sure sign there is either a leak or the tank has become overly full. These smells will become more pronounced as the issue grows.
  *      Toilets that are consistently becoming clogged could be due to a full septic tank or a blockage in the line. This is not something that can be taken care of by a plunger or drain cleaning liquid.

  *      Pooling water in the backyard or extremely plush grass growth can be a sign of problems with the Septic in Hawaii. This typically means the tank is leaking and needs to be repaired or replaced.

  *      When the dishwasher or washing machine are draining, this will create a gurgling sound in the kitchen sink if there is a problem with a main line blockage. When the blockage becomes severe, the sink may spit water from the drain.

A septic tank technician has special equipment that can first be used to located where the septic tank is in a home’s backyard. This is important so the entire backyard does not have to be dug up in the process. The technician can also use a special camera to determine whether or not the tank is full.

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