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Although there are roofs made from cedar shakes, copper, lead, slate and steel; composition roofs are without a doubt the most popular roofs on American homes. When you drive through subdivisions looking at roofing in VA Beach, 90% will be composition.
These shingles are popular for all the right reasons; they are relatively inexpensive, they are durable, easy to install and resistant to fire.

The differences over the years:
Shingles on a roof were not all that prominent many years ago. For homes that were built on speculation, the builder decided what to do, on custom built homes it was the owner. For spec homes, an asphalt roof was often the choice and for custom homes, cedar shakes were very popular.

As the pitch on roofs became more pronounced and the roof lines became fancier, it became apparent that something had to appear on the scene to highlight these improvements.

The “Timberline” look:
To mimic the look and appeal of cedar, two layers of asphalt shingles were applied as a laminate. As the quality got better, so did the warranty, 30 years became the new norm and fiberglass was added to the construction of the shingle to enhance fire resistance and toughness.

Timberline was actually a product and was the precursor of these new types of shingles. Today, the term is generic and simply means a laminate shingle.
The old three tabs 20-year shingle is still a favorite as it is the most inexpensive of the range of composites. There are advantages to the laminated shingles though, not only do they have more visual appeal they hold together better in a wind storm, they are easy to install and they are resistant to stains from tree saps and mold.

Color tips and tricks:
Many homes are about 40% roof, so the color of the shingles is important to the overall curb-appeal of the home.
In some areas there may be limited choices due to deed restrictions. A deed restriction makes choosing the color simple, just use what all the neighbors use. Most shingles are in earth-tone colors, especially the laminates. The earth tones are usually favoring grey, brown, rust and charcoal. The earth tones are always complimentary to brick colors, on ocean front properties you will see more blues and grays which are complimentary to the lighter siding used on beach front houses.

Pick a color tip #1:
Find a home in the area with a roof color you like, give the address to the contractor doing the roofing services in VA Beach, they will drive by and know exactly what the roof is.

Pick a color tip #2:
If you periodically change the color scheme of your home, you may be wise to choose a color called weather-wood, often called weathered grey. It is a neutral color that blends with just about any color scheme.

When doing roofing in VA Beach, work with the pros. Reitzel Home Improvement have been helping their clients select the best roofing material for their particular needs for 10 years. They know the materials and colors available and can show you samples in the office or in the neighborhood.


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