Actions to Take Before an Initial Visit to an Accident Attorney in Fort Worth, TX

by | Jul 27, 2015 | Lawyers

Being in a car accident can have a huge impact on a person’s life. A car accident victim may have to deal with an inability to work, loss of wages, incapacity, and psychological trauma. These factors can have a negative effect on personal and professional relationships. When a person has been in an auto accident, it’s prudent to make an appointment with an accident attorney in Fort Worth TX. The following guidelines can be used to prepare for an initial visit with this professional.

When making an appointment with an Accident Attorney in Fort Worth TX, find out where to obtain client intake forms. These forms can usually be downloaded from the law firm’s website. These forms should be completed and returned to the law office at least a week before the initial visit. This will give the lawyer a chance to review basic information about the accident.

Ensure that relevant documents and information are ready for assessment before the initial visit. These papers should be organized in folders and labeled appropriately to facilitate review. Some of the documents a lawyer will need include a copy of the accident report, copies of any written statements, and medical bills. A lawyer will also need to see the accident victim’s health insurance policy and coverage certificate of the automobile insurance policy. A person should provide information pertaining to any verbal or written correspondence with his auto insurance company or the insurance companies of the other parties involved.

An accident victim should prepare a list of questions to ask the lawyer. It’s helpful to bring another person to the meeting to write information down. Remember that a lawyer will be deciding whether an individual has a good chance of receiving a favorable outcome on a case. For this reason, it’s beneficial to make a first meeting as productive and calm as possible. For information on legal services for car accident victims, please talk to an expert at the Law Office of Carey Thompson, PC. This practice can help accident victims recover losses from being in auto accidents.

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