A Service for Central Heating in Minnetonka Installs Both Natural Gas and Propane Furnaces

by | Oct 6, 2015 | Heating and Air Conditioning

People who have never lived in a rural area may be somewhat unfamiliar with liquid propane gas furnaces. If they move to a place outside of the Twin Cities, they’re likely to now have a home with a furnace fueled by LPG. These furnaces are natural gas heaters that have been converted to use for the other fuel, which is similar to natural gas. That means a service for Central Heating in Minnetonka sells both natural gas and propane furnaces to serve the needs of the entire area.

Propane is delivered by truck through independent suppliers, whereas natural gas comes through utility pipelines. Most homes in the Minnetonka region now are connected to a natural gas pipeline, but there are exceptions.

The suburban area to the west of the Twin Cities once was rural countryside, although it has become heavily populated over the years. Some neighborhoods are still located off of a natural gas pipeline, and homeowners must have another way to heat the house during the harsh winters common to this locale. Utilities eventually extended natural gas pipelines to other neighborhoods, but residents weren’t required to hook up.

Some prefer not to hook up with a municipal utility service because they feel they have more control over pricing with an independent company. They can pay for all their heating fuel before the season begins, thus effectively locking in a low price. They continue to use the propane furnace they originally bought from a service providing Central Heating in Minnetonka. The propane company delivers the fuel on a regular basis throughout the fall, winter and early spring.

Homeowners who have the option to switch to natural gas may eventually decide to do so when it’s time to buy a new furnace from a service providing Central Heating in Minnetonka. That’s the easiest time to make the change, as they have the old, deteriorated appliance removed and a new one installed that runs on natural gas. A company such as Sabre Plumbing, Heating & Air Conditioning can install a natural gas furnace at this time or one that’s been converted to LPG use if the homeowner decides to stay with that choice.

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