A Personal Injury Attorney in Tuscaloosa, AL Can Help Clients Get Fair Compensation

by | Sep 2, 2015 | Lawyers

From malpractice to auto accident cases, people have the right to get compensation for injuries due to other people’s carelessness. Compensation can come in the form of an out-of-court settlement, or through a formal lawsuit. If a person finds themselves needing to file a claim, hiring a lawyer is one of the most important decisions to be made.

Which Cases Can Be Handled by the Victim?

Some cases can be handled without the help of a personal injury attorney in Tuscaloosa County, AL. If the victim lives in a no-fault state, the rules do not allow a lawsuit unless injuries meet a certain threshold. Since the victim in such a case is limited to recovering from their own coverage in these claims, hiring an attorney for a minor injury may not make any sense. However, if the injury rises above the no-fault threshold, hiring a lawyer may be a wise choice.

Insurers will only pay out up to a policy’s coverage limit. If a defendant has a $150,000 policy and the plaintiff is offered a settlement of that amount, getting a bigger verdict may be of no use. Anything above the insurance company’s offer would be collected directly from the defendant. In cases where defendants have significant assets, collecting damages may be worthwhile, but if the defendant is poor, accepting the insurance company’s offer may be in the victim’s best interests.

What if the Injuries Aren’t Serious?

Many victims are reluctant to hire attorneys for minor injuries. For instance, if a person suffers scrapes and bruises in a car accident, they may not feel justified in hiring a lawyer. If the other motorist’s insurer offers to pay medical bills and give a small settlement on top of that, finding legal counsel may not be worthwhile. However, there are times when a victim should consider consulting with Gene T. Moore, even if injuries are minor.

The Insurance Company

One reason people don’t hire a lawyer is that they or the other person has insurance. Most believe that insurers are there to protect their interests, but the truth is, the insurer’s interests are at odds with the victim’s. An injury victim’s goal is to get the largest settlement possible, and an insurer’s goal is to make the smallest payout possible. In such caA Medical Malpractice Lawyer in Mobile, AL Can Help Clients File Claims and Prove Damagesses, hiring a personal injury attorney in Tuscaloosa County, AL can help victims get the compensation they deserve.

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