A Criminal Defense Lawyer in De Pere, WI Can Offer Legal Guidance for Misdemeanors or Felonies

Criminal charges occur quite frequently for domestic violence, DUI’s, homicide, robbery and a variety of other situations. It’s important to contact a criminal defense lawyer in De Pere, WI when an accused individual finds themselves on the wrong side of the prison bars. In some cases, a Grand Jury will deliver an indictment for other criminal charges before the individual is arrested. If an individual is arrested or is under investigation through a Grand Jury, an attorney needs to be hired to protect their legal rights. An individual should never attempt to represent themselves in any type of legal case and especially not a criminal case.

For some individuals, a public defender can be requested. This is not always the best avenue to choose if you want the best possible outcome. They will usually quickly attempt to request a plea deal even if the individual isn’t guilty of the charges. A criminal defense lawyer in De Pere, WI will offer all of the possible legal solutions to the case and explain them to the accused individual. A DUI, for example, could remove an individual’s driving privileges for a long time in addition to jail time. This could financially destroy the accused individual by not being able to get to work on a daily basis. domestic violence charges will remain on a criminal background check for years to come. This could prohibit an individual from keeping, switching or obtaining a job that requires a criminal background check.

Elements of a crime and proper arrest procedures must be followed in order for a case to be complete. An experienced lawyer can review the evidence and determine if this has occurred. They will be there from the bond hearing through the completion of the case. They will fight diligently to prove the innocence of the accused individual. In some cases, the attorney may recommend a plea deal after reviewing the evidence. When this occurs, the accused individual can be insured they will receive the best plea deal possible. The attorney will work with the prosecutor and judge to explain the client’s position and facts of the case as presented to them. For more information on obtaining an experienced criminal lawyer, click here.

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