A Construction Fence in Milwaukee, WI is a Convenient Way To Secure a Building Site

by | Nov 30, 2015 | Construction and Maintenance

Construction sites are busy and interesting places that passersby often enjoy looking at. However, curious people can be injured when they wander onto one for a closer look. Contractors often install a Construction Fence in Milwaukee WI, to prevent unauthorized people from entering their site. This includes innocent curiosity seekers and those who steal expensive construction materials. A fence also prevents any illegal garbage dumping. Temporary construction fences can be rented for just a few days or much longer periods. A contractor can easily have a fence moved when they move on to a new job. If an emergency situation arises, fence companies have crews available 24 hours a day to install a fence to secure a site.

A Construction Fence in Milwaukee WI, consists of chain-link panels that are either six or eight feet tall. Local governments may establish height requirements for these types of fences in their building codes. The fence panels can either be supported by posts driven into the ground or free-standing posts that sit on top of the ground. In the second case, the posts are supported by very strong and stable metal feet or clamps. They are very convenient if the fence traverses paved areas. Barbed wire can be strung across the top if theft or vandalism is a major concern. Gates can be included in the fence design to allow trucks and workers secure access. They can either swing open or slide sideways.

In addition to keeping people out of the site, construction fences are used to keep water run-off and drainage away from sensitive areas such as wetlands. In this case, a silt barrier can be attached to the fence. A silt-barrier is made up of a heavy-duty, waterproof material. Six inches of it are placed in the ground and three-feet of it are above the ground. Windscreens can also be easily attached to the fence panels.

United Rentafence is one of the Milwaukee companies that can help a contractor select the right fence for their site and then quickly install it. Experienced workers will ensure that it is secure. They can also move it to different locations on the site as the construction activity changes.

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