An auto accident can be a very upsetting experience, and the legal process through which losses can be recovered doesn’t make things any easier. Dealing with insurers can be confusing if one isn’t familiar with case valuation and insurance terminology. A Car Crash Lawyer in Avondale AZ, knows how to deal with insurers and their legal teams.

Notify Responsible Parties

Typically, the insurer is the financially responsible party after an auto accident. To get compensation, the victim must call the other driver’s insurer and determine how much coverage is available. Many drivers are under or uninsured and, by some estimates, 20% of drivers don’t have liability insurance. It’s important to keep good coverage to protect yourself in the event the other driver isn’t insured.

Investigating the Accident

Lawyers and insurers need certain information to prepare and document a claim. Victims should gather police reports, citations, photos of the scene, and the contact information for any witnesses. Medical bills and records, as well as x-rays and photos of injuries, can provide supporting evidence, as can pay stubs that prove how much a victim was earning when the accident happened. With proof of income, victims can prove how much work time and income they’re missing because of an injury.

Negotiating With the Insurer

To be compensated for their injuries, victims and their attorneys must usually negotiate with the other driver’s insurer. At this point in the proceedings, it’s important to know the case’s value. A personal injury or auto accident lawyer can help crash victims get a fair settlement. The process begins with the submission of a demand letter that states the following:

*     Why the driver and their insurer is responsible

*     What injuries occurred and the effects those injuries had

*     An explanation of future and current medical costs

*     Documentation of lost wages

The demand letter often contains language asking for payment for other, non-specific damages. Most letters ask for a specific amount of money, and a lawyer can help a client come up with a fair number.

Getting a Settlement

An insurance company usually offers to settle cases for much less than what’s requested in a demand letter. If a client can’t get a fair settlement, the only recourse is to take the other driver’s insurance company to court. When someone is injured in a car accident, they should Visit the Site to talk to a Car Crash Lawyer in Avondale AZ, to learn how they can preserve their legal rights.