5 Things to Consider when Choosing a New Internet Provider

Did you know that there are nearly 3000 internet providers in the United States? It’s true! That is a lot of options!

Whether it’s a giant, national provider or a small, local company, there are pros and cons for every provider. Choosing the right one for you can be difficult.

Here are some tips for doing exactly that – and getting the most for your money!
Look for Reliability

No matter how fast a provider claims their service is, you cannot enjoy that speed if the service is not reliable.

Ask for consumer ratings and reviews. This will generally tell you how well the service works for the average consumer. It will also tell you whether the service is worth investing in for your own household.


Next, consider speed. You may have specific needs that require higher internet speeds, which means you will need to ask about this feature upfront.

Do you do a lot of online gaming? Do you stream services like Netflix, Hulu, and more? These are services that require higher speed and better connection, so ask about both when you are getting a quote.

Upfront Costs

You know you will have to pay for your service, but what about equipment? You may have to rent or even purchase this equipment as part of your service agreement. Ask to be sure!


Do you have to set up your own equipment to get started with your new provider? Do technicians need to come to your home and do the setup for you? These are questions to pose at the start – as well as whether this installation will come with an associated cost.


If you are a student, receive government benefits, or are in certain occupations, you may be eligible for a discount on your internet service. These discounts are often unadvertised, so be sure to inquire about them when you are asking for an initial quote.